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"Digital Inductive Spark" Systems for Holden Inboard Engines

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The ICE Ignition Digital Inductive Spark technology provides maximum spark and duration. More spark means greater tuneability which often leads to improved performance and fuel economy. They are the ideal combination for boats with Holden based engines.

The ICE Ignition kits include a Choice of Control Box with the following:

  1. 16 to 128 Push-Button Selectable Timing Curves
  2. Built-in Vacuum Advance / MAP Sensor 
  3. 1,2 or 3 rev limiters
  4.  Ignition retard capability for forced induction engines.

Also Included in each kit is the following

  1. ICE Ignition billet Distributor with built in Hall Effect Sensor.
  2. ICE Ignition Pro 100 9 mm leads.
  3. ICE Ignition Pro Series Race Coil.
  4. Wiring harness.

The control box is installed in a waterproof box or could be installed at the helm station. This allows you to adjust timing in real time. If you accidentally fill up with a bad batch of fuel you can retard the timing by pressing a button, no fancy computers required.

There is a control box to suit every marine / boating application from cruising engines to high-performance, carburetted & fuel injected naturally aspirated engines, through to turbo charged and supercharged engines.

But with confidence from the ICE Ignition Authorised Reseller 

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