9 mm DIY Leads

ICE Ignition PRO 100 Series Do It Yourself (DYI) Leads / Plug Wires

Looking to route your leads in a special way. The ICE 9 mm Pro 100 DIY leads allow you to create a custom ignition lead / plug wire installation. The spark plug end is finished for you, all you have to do is

  1. Fit the spark plug & coil end to your motor
  2. Route the leads
  3. Cut the lead length for a perfect fit; and
  4. Terminate them using the supplied stainless steel terminals and protective boots.

The ICE Pro 100 Series Universal DIY leads are extra long to ensure they can accommodate every possible engine and routing combination.

If you don't have a set of crimpers you can order the ICE Ignition Crimpers as an option with each set of leads. They ICE Crimpers were specifically designed to suit the ICE 9mm Pro 100 Ignition Lead and will give you the perfect cut and crimp every time.

The ICE Ignition PRO 100 series range of Ignition Leads / Plug Wires have an ultra-low resistance of 100 ohms per metre. Made from spiral wound copper alloy core the ICE Ignition range of Ignition Leads / Plug Wires suit all engine types.

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