SB Chev Ignition Kits

ICE Ignition Kits For Small Block Chevrolet

Our standard ICE Ignition Kits include the ICE Ignition 7 AMP Ignition Controller, Distributor, Full Set Of Ignition Leads, ICE Ignition Pro Series Coil & Wiring Loom. Our Deluxe ICE Ignition Kits also include the ICE Ignition 2316 Voltage Booster.  

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The ICE 2316 Voltage Booster Ensures 16 Volts Are Supplied To The Distributor Irrespective Of Your Car's Electrical System Performance. This Ensures Maximum Spark Is Delivered To The Spark Plug Improving Tunability.

Buy Online "Digital Inductive Spark" Ignition Systems for SB Chevy (283 to 400) V8s

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